Geranium, Joel Robuchon and Fem Små Hus top restaurants

This blog is covering a lot from recommendations to moving country to tips on nice restaurants. I have been to some amazing places in the world. To date and right now- these are my three favourites: 1. Geranium in Copenhagen. An out worldly experience. Every single piece on the plate truly was a master pieceContinue reading “Geranium, Joel Robuchon and Fem Små Hus top restaurants”

Success at blogging- can I? Spice and passion

So, I have now been writing for almost three weeks. It’s exciting when I notice that people are signing up to my blog and to check out who is reading and viewing my posts- what country are you from? How can I make this into a success? What do I even mean by that? ThereContinue reading “Success at blogging- can I? Spice and passion”