Challenge update and Denmark fun facts

How’s the challenge going?

Make you feel great

It’s all about making a conscious choice about what you eat. It actually seems to work for me! I’m not avoiding anything, just choosing to make some healthier choices and avoiding the slightly unhealthier ones. Restricting myself never, ever works. It even has the opposite effect for me. Don’t you agree?

I’m also proud and thankful for a link from Karen:

Blue Sky Days 365

Check it out! She writes really well and inspiring. And being good and staying on track is easier when you know you are not the only one making that little bit of an effort!

I’ve also signed to for Adriene’s yoga sessions:


She’s incredibly inspiring! And even though I feel as if I’m in a storm due to hectic work deadlines and that work life balance thing, right now today I feel ok! Maybe I’m in the eye of the storm… By doing small things to make you feel better actually helps! I really recommend. Nothing major to focus on- just to be more aware about you and your health.

Autumn has arrived here! I actually love it. The change in seasons. It’s a privilege to be able to see the year change and nature along with that.

Did you know that:

* Copenhagen means “Merchants harbour”

* Denmark’s national flag is the oldest flag in the world to be used by an independent nation going back to 1219

* Strøget- the shopping street in Copenhagen is the oldest and longest pedestrian street in the world at 3.2km/ 2 miles

Lastly I want to thank everyone who read, likes and comments here! I find it very inspiring and it makes me also realise to do the same in other blogs! I recommend that you also do the same today; read, like and comment on someone’s blog that you really enjoy! I know personally how appreciated and inspiring that is!

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Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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