Water facts and challenge update

How is this challenge going? Have you managed to make any conscious switches yet? I have to admit that I’ve been drinking water a lot more. Every morning, I start with a big glass of water. This is followed by my usual cup of Nespresso. I can’t stop thinking about what a privilege it is though to be able to just switch on the tap and drink fresh, clean, cold water. It’s an easy thing to just take for granted. When you read Water Org that today, there are 844M people in the world that live without access to safe water. It puts- at least my problems- truly in perspective. Growing up in Sweden, water was always accessible. And in my hometown the water directly from the tap tastes delicious.

Did you know:

* That the cycle that water is circulated throughout earth and the atmosphere is called hydrologic cycle

* That Denmark has better tap water than bottled in many places. Water Facts

* That Ethiopia is the country most prone to droughts

* That the drought in California 2011-2014 was the driest since the record keeping began

* That according to Wikipedia, around 200 billion bottles of water are consumed every year

* That Evian water is sold in more than 140 countries and is aiming to make all their bottles by recycled plastic by 2025 (part of me wish this was earlier!)

Water is so special- and nothing that we should take for granted. I recommend that you fully appreciate water in its simplicity. Our world is truly a remarkable place when you think about it!

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