Success at blogging- can I? Spice and passion

So, I have now been writing for almost three weeks. It’s exciting when I notice that people are signing up to my blog and to check out who is reading and viewing my posts- what country are you from? How can I make this into a success? What do I even mean by that? There are so many blogs that start every single day by motivated people. What will make mine stand out? I love researching and have signed up to different websites and blogs who tell me how to be successful. Usually they end with a course that I should sign up to. Do I have to? Do I want to? I admit I need to learn about SEO, how to make Pinterest work, to write about information that people search for and that they want to read about. I’m still convinced I’m on the right track writing about recommendations and telling people about many different things from integrating to a new country, to buying furniture and things for your home, how to settle in your family, job hunting, shopping, good products to also delve into spirituality a bit. This year has been tough for me in that sense that I relocated to a new country, settled in (still am) into a new job, getting my daughter into a new school in a new country, finding a home by myself, finding furniture, understand how it all works, making new friends, set up a back up network for my daughter and so on. But I am blessed- we are blessed. It’s an amazing opportunity! How can it not be. I want to share positivity with what I’m writing, set new challenges and hope that people will join me- from everything to being that bit more healthy, more present and happier and to see the light in people. Don’t expect the worst, don’t worry, have faith and enjoy every single minute of every day in your life. So I hope to attract readers who want to read what I write and also to create a dialogue. To talk, exchange experiences, recommendations and to understand what you do to live a life and enjoy it and appreciate and to be grateful. We only live once…(maybe another subject to debate) but live life to its fullest, stop being angry and bitter. I will also write with spice and passion. That is what I think makes a good read- to feel the reader and to make you think and want to participate. So, for now, have the most amazing day! Here you can read about my day, life, recommendations and… be reminded to appreciate and to be grateful on days when you need to hear that…

Thanks for reading this longer post. Together- we can achieve the most amazing things!!!

Published by livelivingnow

Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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