Yo! Sushi in Copenhagen and in London

So interesting to see the Yo! Sushi in the airport in Copenhagen. Quite different to the ones in London. No button to ring? But the staff were quite good and took our order straight away. You can also pick the water and Aloe Vera from the track. Also when you start to compare prices it’s more expensive as well. But we love it and try it wherever we can. My daughter keeps saying she loves it and that it’s super cool. So what can you do. It’s great for adults and great for kids!


Good morning activities for kids in the summer

Today in Copenhagen it’s colder and raining. Quite a nice change as it has been very hot here for a long time. I did see on the weather forecast that it’s going to get warm again. That feels quite amazing.

Summer holidays are approaching. What can you do with your kids to keep them busy? In these modern times, it’s more and more acceptable to use the iPad and watch movies. Netflix is a great tool. We actually lived just next to them in Los Gatos a few years ago. We have been subscriber for a long time. But that’s not what I wanted to bring up here. And Netflix and movies deserve its own, or more, blogs! I came across a great recipe here from the Matplatsen blog yesterday. How to make clay. It’s very easy to do. You need:

Maizena, hairconditioner and colouring. That’s it!

Mix 2dl (Swedish measurement) of maizena with 1dl of conditioner. Then add a few drops of colouring in the mix. Then keep it in a concealing tub. Voila!

That’s something easy and relatively quick and should keep the kids occupied for a bit.

Changes in life are exciting

For a very long time, my life has been about changes. Moving home, moving to a new different country, changing language, getting new friends, a new place to live, a new job, a new culture- as you can see this spans across many areas in my life. This is very exciting and I am honoured and blessed to have experienced this in my life, though sometimes I wonder what would happen if changes around me stopped? Having been in this environment for a long time, I guess there must be a reason for this. Perhaps one of the many great outcomes of this- is this blog! I can’t wait to share with you anything from nice restaurants, new gadgets to buy, clothes that look good, to great articles to read, to how to buy a travel card in Copenhagen to many more things and experiences. It took a few months for me to figure out how to buy a travel card here in Copenhagen for example. And in my defence- I’ve lived in many different countries and cities before. So that in itself deserves another recommendation post. To be continued!

Exciting new blog about Recommendations!

So, these are the first few lines on this blog. Part of me feels excited, some part is asking myself- what… am I doing? I’ve been reading and following blogs since 2009! I was then home with my daughter on maternity leave. It’s an exciting and old world for me- but writing is of course very new. I did start a blog about my daughter, but stopped it. A shame in some respect as it would have been great to go back and follow her growing up. I can still do that though having thousands and thousands of pictures of her and other things stored in the cloud. So, what is this blog going to be about? Why should you read it? Well, I’d like it to be about the small things in life. What can you do to enjoy every minute of every moment? It will focus on recommendations from many areas in my life from shopping, travelling to books with a goal of inspiring and spread happiness. What can you do to enjoy and simplify your life? The theme might be amended throughout this journey as this is a project in process, which I’m very excited to share. And I want to share experiences and recommendations that will be useful for you too! Welcome onboard.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this journey of positivity and enjoying every minute of every day!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


This is a lifestyle blog with lots of hints of positivity and a can do attitude! Life truly is about enjoying the smaller things and to realise that you can make a difference and enjoy every single moment of your day.

My motto is also that every new day  is a new beginning. Just don’t give up believing in that.