Reasonable smoothie blender in Copenhagen I recommend

I have one challenge going already to do yoga or meditate once every day for 7 days straight. I often set goals- sometimes I reach them and sometimes I get distracted. I am a firm believer in never giving up though and to try again. So regularly I will set challenges here- for myself and you if you are happy to join me. Like a lot of people I’d like to be that little bit more toned, eat a bit better etc. It’s important with balance in life, which is one of the reasons you will never see me on a diet or to cut things out. For me personally- that doesn’t work. I need my ice cream, chips and being Swedish now in Denmark- my liquorice! But I do realise that I need to increase fruits and vegetables in my diet. That’s why I’m getting into smoothies. As I’ve said our old one decided to give up. A bit ironic that it happens when I’ve decided to start incorporating smoothies in my day.

And I also did something I usually don’t do. I bought a blender I’ve never heard of?!

When we spent time in the US KitchenAid, Oyster, Ninja are popular brands. In the U.K. Nutribullet. Here I don’t know yet but have seen KitchenAid, Bosch and Nordica. I just don’t want to spend too much nor do I want a big blender in my kitchen. So lo and behold when I stumbled upon this gem:

Cook & Baker from Imerco. It’s small, has detachable cups and you can put it in the dishwasher. So it sounds perfect for me and what I will use it for. Even better is the price at less than DKK 400!

So my next challenge will be to make a smoothie every morning for 7 days- using this blender and finally look for recipes in a book I got years ago: Smoothies by Stella Murphy. It’s never ever too late to start! I do not plan on being too adventurous though as I don’t want to end up with 100 ingredients in my fridge to get the variety.

So that’s my next challenge after my Yoga & Meditation has finished.

TapaVino in Canary Wharf, London a great restaurant to visit

It is so exciting to follow an opening when my husband has just launched a restaurant. This is his third. He is so passionate about it and this one truly is very special. The location, the decor, the food and the wine are quite special. Everything has been thought through. There is so much work behind a restaurant and it is fun to follow. Even more so when guests are happy and enjoy the food and the wine. The food is great- I know I am partial but it truly is. The wines as well are amazing. A lot of them are sourced from vineyards that he has (we) have visited so he knows the owners and of course a lot about the wines themselves. This is what makes this place so special (all of his restaurants actually). He is also very caring about his customers and focused.

This is something I can truly recommend: TapaVino in Canary Wharf and also his two other restaurants in Excel, London: Tapa Tapa and La Barrique. I will write more about the last two in a different post as they both deserve special attention.


Good morning more smoothies

This morning we tried another smoothie. My daughter was not too fond of it but it is quite healthy- I liked it:

1 cup of Oat milk

1 cup of yoghurt (ours was with strawberry flavour)

2tbs of chia seeds

1 banana

1tbs of honey

1 cup of frozen yellow fruit (mango)

Put this all in a blender and hit mix.

Later today I need to look into getting a new blender. It feels a bit sad having had this one for probably closer to 10 years. It has been well used.

assorted sliced fruits in white ceramic bowl
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Challenges come and join me!

Right now this feels like a diary into the blogosphere. I have been wanting to write for quite some time. In Sweden, blogs are quite popular and I’ve followed quite a few- still am. I realise I have work in front of me to make sure that this blog is appreciated by my readers. I’d say I’m a helpful person naturally and like sharing. If there are stories I can share to help someone that would be incredible. Having recently moved country and been through everything that it involves I will share that story. There are so many stories I look forward to sharing with you! As I’ve said before I’ve experienced a lot in my life- still am of course. I look forward to sharing my stories here from when I was an au-pair in Paris also working in IKEA (of course Swedish as I am…) to exploring Ibiza taking advanced diving certificate- oh and our boat sank… to our road trip in Chile where we visited vineyards and peacocks! We’ve also travelled with our daughter since she was 3 months. I remember the first flight with Ryanair. I realise again that the structure of this blog is vague and unstructured but… am strategising to increase and capture my audience. Currently reading up on how to increase my readers, monetising the blog, best lay-outs, content etc etc. It’s true science mastering a blog! But what’s important to me is to find people who can and want to read my recommendations and find them useful and that they will help you- I know what it’s like to feel alone in a new country and the cycle of settling in from registering with authorities, finding doctors, a place to live, the best grocery stores to shop from, to online websites- hello Amazon Prime! Please find your way to Denmark…! There are so many good things as well I’ve discovered in my life in other places that’s lacking in Copenhagen: Reiss, Laura Mercier, Amazon Prime, Liz Earle… and I know I’m sounding materialistic now and yes of course I can/ will find alternatives but these are good products and it is the small things in life that make the difference! Not to talk about plates and Royal Copenhagen. Of course they are beautiful and I remember growing up in Sweden how much more people buy the same things- so I also miss John Lewis in the U.K.!!! Ok now I rambling again and probably sounding like some shopping maniac. I’m not… I truly just want to share my experience and recommendations. I enjoy researching and looking up things so- just now… am waiting for a good receptive audience to also hear what you want to hear more about in my repertoire of stories and recommendations?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bicycles in Copenhagen

I’d imagine that Copenhagen is similar to Amsterdam when it comes to bicycles. In Copenhagen it really is the preferred method of transport. I feel as if I missed out a bit as the weather has been so nice here since beginning of May, and I still don’t have a bicycle. I have looked around on DBA- a site where you can find things second hand here and also on Facebook Marketplace. But I haven’t managed to find something that suits me. I don’t want to spend too much on it either as I haven’t been using a bicycle as a method of transport for many years. I used it all the time growing up in Sweden. It is just not very common in France, Belgium, Spain, UK or in the US where I’ve lived. Especially in the US it is very common to even have two vehicles and to drive to most places. I’m referring to my personal experience. In Denmark on the contrary, I doubt many people have two cars. They are taxed very heavily here. Though I have had conversations with people that prices are coming down. You also notice quite quickly that in traffic- cyclists are very high in the order of priority. So watch out when you walk and cross roads as they do ride very fast!

So for me personally I very much think I’d buy a bicycle now rather soon whilst the weather is still nice! The most reasonably priced new bicycles, I’ve found- are from Coop- their range of Mustangs. So that is something I recommend but… with reservations as I need to buy and try it next. But so far from my research- they should be good and get good ratings. Wish me luck in becoming more a part of the Danish society.