Norwegian flights London-Copenhagen

Since moving to Copenhagen early this year, I’ve frequently used Norwegian. It’s a pretty ok airline. When their App is working and you can check in on line- it’s good. You can find very reasonable flights here- especially the route I’m using a lot London- Copenhagen. I also like the fact that you can checkContinue reading “Norwegian flights London-Copenhagen”

Change and challenges- come on and join me!

So, as with a lot of people I would like to be a bit healthier and focus more on strengthening myself in different ways. This year for me has been full of changes. I know I’m blessed but a lot of changes in one go is a big challenge. That is why I have usedContinue reading “Change and challenges- come on and join me!”

Uber is great in London as it works

Interestingly enough, this is something we started using whilst we spent time in California, Los Gatos back in 2014. I find that it is a great service. There are usually cars around that you can get ahold of within 2-5mins. Of course this depends where you are. In California this worked, and so far it’sContinue reading “Uber is great in London as it works”