Focus, vision, goal and affirmation!

Focus this week is on balance. To try and find the “middle”. Not too much nor too little.

Visualise success. Slowly but surely. If you don’t reach your goal straight away, don’t give up! One step after the next and you will get there. See it in front of you. Feel it!

Goal is to reach them. If they’re big goals, break them down. Bit by bit. Don’t give up but also remember that it’s never too late to start again- never. Every day is a new beginning. Just remain calm, focused and determined.

Affirmation this week is “I am worthy” because we are. Write down your goals even and revisit them often. You can, and you will! You know it…! I so recommend!!! Have a great week!

Published by livelivingnow

Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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