Friday motivation

Yet another amazing Friday! It’s dark outside here but you can tell the days are getting longer. More than 30 minutes difference since 21,December. It’s fascinating how the world just works? Routine..? I hope that you have looked after yourselves this week. Have you managed 30 minutes just on you? I’ve managed yoga and powerwalks (and also testing a 30 day plank challenge!). It is possible to build exercise into your day. Just prioritise and stick to it. Eventually it’ll become your routine and something you just do. Today is yet another amazing Friday! Enjoy every minute of it! Life is good… have the most amazing of Fridays!

Lights in darkness- shopping!

So now Christmas is but a memory. A nice one but a memory. Here in Scandinavia lights are important. During Christmas you see many different types in homes. It’s beautiful and makes a home warm and cosy. I’m a big fan! Right now in many windows, it’s a tad bit darker again. That’s why I’ve been browsing and researching different types of lamps to have in our windows! I’ve found this site: Ellos and of course IKEA. All sort of price ranges as well. Here it’s very popular to leave the light bulb open. A bit of a modern futuristic look. I personally like the older version of lamps from IKEA. It’s the light here in the top right corner. I think that one would fit very nicely in some of our windows and add more warmth to our home. They have been added to my wish list! I usually do more research and checks before doing any purchases. Just to make sure that I get good value from what I buy!!! I recommend!

1. This week’s challenge!

So… ta da… this week I’m challenging you to spend at least 30 minutes on your health. If that means a powerwalk, a jog, run, time in the gym, yoga, Pilates or even meditation- I completely leave that up to you to decide. For some time, I’ve felt slightly guilty spending time on me. But that’s kind of silly- right? As when you start spending time on yourself, you start to become more relaxed, healthier and happier. So how can that ever be a bad thing? I know a lot of us are busy with our day jobs and families and what all that means. But you really should make yourself your first priority. Choose to focus on your happiness, goals, dreams and success. I will also spend more time on reading Gabby Bernstein. She is focusing a lot on positivity. There are no limits- only you decide! I truly, truly recommend!!!

Join me this year to make 2019 the most splendid year ever! 💪🏻🙏🏻😌

To a healthier 2019!!!

This weekend has been full of good: sleep, movies, more conscious choices when eating, powerwalks and yoga. Trust me it’s not all roses here. I chose not to write about certain things but of course I experience it too: family nags, I have a glass of wine here and there, I miss a yoga session and fall behind, I don’t want to get up so early during the week, I dread work and managing life on my own with my daughter working a full time job. I wouldn’t be human otherwise! Here, I also write to push myself! I chose to put a smile on my face and to focus on the good in my life instead! That’s one of my biggest challenges. To let go of negative thoughts and instead believe and to love myself!!! I really truly recommend. Namaste 🙏🏻!!!


2019- a healthier year! I’ve decided. Not so much because it’s a new year as such. It’s an opportunity to be more conscious in my decisions and more determined. To live life to its fullest. Getting older means that you get closer to the inevitable and hear horrible things happening to people around you. The raw… honest… truth. I don’t want to have any regrets- do you???

A simple thing such as a grapefruit… a great start to my morning! And no of course that is not the only thing I’m eating. I’ve said before that I really don’t believe in diets. But I do believe in making healthier choices! So, a grapefruit for breakfast- I really recommend. It’s beautiful, tangy and it actually wakes you up. You can feel all the good whilst you devour one slice after the other. Maybe I should even get myself one of those special cutters for grapefruits?! I really recommend- a simple, beautiful grapefruit. White, or red!

Another amazing Friday in 2019!

Today is a special day. The first Friday of 2019. What a special day. Don’t forget that you can make a difference to someone in your life. Go out today and be amazing. Be positive. Feel the “can do”. Enjoy every minute of every day! Another amazing Friday. Make the most of it! Enjoy the day. Savour it even. Life is precious. Feel that and be proud. Every day is also a new beginning. Don’t forget that. Appreciate you and what you do. Every day, season, month and year has its own time- and surprise perhaps in store for you?

Have a wonderful day.