Another Thursday

Thursday is here. A great day of the week if you ask me. What have you been up to this far in 2019?

Here the week’s moving fast: daily routines kicking in, school, work, preparing what to eat, exercising, family & friend time. Not very exciting I have to admit! Do you have any grandiose plans this weekend? Here we might need to find some good snowsuits for my 9-year old. A bit of a challenge as she’s tall! Other than that the plan is to relax, eat, watch some movies and to go for a couple of runs. I realise now that I need to start my mileage in order to be able to partake in the half marathon that I have signed up to! Nothing like a good challenge… Thursday is here. Dark and rainy outside but warm and “Hygge” inside!

Enjoy your day!

Monday shopping- hair!

2019 is a year dedicated to health. I keep stumbling across so many people who say the same thing. I fully realise that it is that time of year but it still feels a bit different this time. It’s more about mindfulness, happiness and health. And I couldn’t agree more. There are many different “wants” in life but truly… what is it all worth if you don’t have your health? To be blunt and frank. I know people in my surroundings who don’t have it… that’s why I’m so incredibly determined to keep my focus:

  • Be happy- chose it!
  • Be determined- reach your goal!
  • Be healthy- make conscious decisions!

You decide… we get this one amazing life… we deserve to treat ourselves, our bodies and mind with self respect. That’s why I’ve also decided to start investing a little bit more in me. A very simple thing: I’ve bought some expensive shampoo and conditioner. Well, more expensive than what I usually buy, as I have more or less been buying that from grocery shops in the past. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but just after a few uses of the more expensive stuff my hair seems to be healthier and livelier… so another promise to myself! As a treat- I will invest in better hair products this year! Have you tried TIGI products? So far I really like them. I really recommend- treat yourself! You will feel amazing!!!

Photo from TIGI website!!!

The sky this Sunday and this week’s challenge

The sky here today is pretty wild. The wind is getting stronger. The temperature is changing quite vividly as well. It’s fascinating how it all just works?! I think so anyway. This weekend has been lovely. Family time, me time doing quite a bit of exercise, cooking and spending time with some friends. 2019 will be a year full of health and focus. Just by making conscious choices it gives you more power. Try it! Have you managed any yoga sessions yet? I’ve done quite a few. I have to admit that I’m not on day 13 but do them when fits my schedule more. I try to do one at least every day. It really is good for mental health. The breathing and also the inspiring words from Adriene. Though this time around she sometimes talks a little bit too much at times- as a friend and I concluded. Still, I truly recommend Yoga with Adriene. Amazing! You can do these sessions anywhere with little space and a tv, iPad, computer, or as I did today from your iPhone. Easy. Well, today’s session was a bit tougher. I hope to be stronger by the end of this month though, so all is well. What are your plans for the week? If you did do any resolutions- how are they coming along?

This week’s challenge is about making conscious choices. Realise that you control you. What you eat, what you think and many more things. Make decisive choices- good ones! Eat a bit better, exercise some, make a choice to be a good person and count to 10 before getting upset or annoyed. Life is moving and it’s moving fast. You control you and your behaviour though. Don’t forget that. I’m learning more and more and realising that you actually do attract more what is in your mind. Be positive, smile more. It really is contagious! In a good way- I truly recommend!

Friday motivation

Yet another amazing Friday! It’s dark outside here but you can tell the days are getting longer. More than 30 minutes difference since 21,December. It’s fascinating how the world just works? Routine..? I hope that you have looked after yourselves this week. Have you managed 30 minutes just on you? I’ve managed yoga and powerwalks (and also testing a 30 day plank challenge!). It is possible to build exercise into your day. Just prioritise and stick to it. Eventually it’ll become your routine and something you just do. Today is yet another amazing Friday! Enjoy every minute of it! Life is good… have the most amazing of Fridays!

Lights in darkness- shopping!

So now Christmas is but a memory. A nice one but a memory. Here in Scandinavia lights are important. During Christmas you see many different types in homes. It’s beautiful and makes a home warm and cosy. I’m a big fan! Right now in many windows, it’s a tad bit darker again. That’s why I’ve been browsing and researching different types of lamps to have in our windows! I’ve found this site: Ellos and of course IKEA. All sort of price ranges as well. Here it’s very popular to leave the light bulb open. A bit of a modern futuristic look. I personally like the older version of lamps from IKEA. It’s the light here in the top right corner. I think that one would fit very nicely in some of our windows and add more warmth to our home. They have been added to my wish list! I usually do more research and checks before doing any purchases. Just to make sure that I get good value from what I buy!!! I recommend!