Another Thursday

Thursday is here. A great day of the week if you ask me. What have you been up to this far in 2019?

Here the week’s moving fast: daily routines kicking in, school, work, preparing what to eat, exercising, family & friend time. Not very exciting I have to admit! Do you have any grandiose plans this weekend? Here we might need to find some good snowsuits for my 9-year old. A bit of a challenge as she’s tall! Other than that the plan is to relax, eat, watch some movies and to go for a couple of runs. I realise now that I need to start my mileage in order to be able to partake in the half marathon that I have signed up to! Nothing like a good challenge… Thursday is here. Dark and rainy outside but warm and “Hygge” inside!

Enjoy your day!

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