Mr Big at Bolia- make the best of a situation and more shopping!!!

We moved into our current place in April this year. It was more or less a blank canvas. Beautiful though with white walls and wooden floors. It’s quite spacious and well planned and it’s growing on me everyday. I love decorating and creating homes! By that I mean to make it feel homely. I’ve spentContinue reading “Mr Big at Bolia- make the best of a situation and more shopping!!!”

December blogging and sharing thoughts

December is a great month. For us as a family it’s full of birthdays, celebrations, school events, get together and preparing for Christmas. I’m especially looking forward to Christmas this year as we will be together just close family. We will have days together with no expectations. Or well… as they can be with aContinue reading “December blogging and sharing thoughts”

Cozy Thursday night in a windy and wet Copenhagen

Work life balance is more noticeable here. It’s made me realise to focus even more on my daughter. I always have and always will of course! Today, she invited two friends home from school. They played, enjoyed pizza, danced a little and watched “Mamma Mia”. It’s a lovely “warm fuzzy feeling movie” with nice songsContinue reading “Cozy Thursday night in a windy and wet Copenhagen”