Mr Big at Bolia- make the best of a situation and more shopping!!!

We moved into our current place in April this year. It was more or less a blank canvas. Beautiful though with white walls and wooden floors. It’s quite spacious and well planned and it’s growing on me everyday. I love decorating and creating homes! By that I mean to make it feel homely. I’ve spent lots of time browsing the Internet, looking at Pinterest and visited some stores. As a side note I can say that I miss TJ Maxx. I’ve spent many hours browsing around there finding real finds. Especially for our kitchen that we still have! I love my mugs… all around $2-4 if I remember correctly.

We bought our sofas from Bolia. Ours is the Mr Big. At first, we got two beige units. The idea was to add to them, which is a great benefit with modular sofas. A few months later we decided to add a few more. Unfortunately the colour we had picked out didn’t exist anymore. Discontinued. Instead of giving up though we decided to make the best of the situation and got the additional units in a completely different colour. The material is the same though. I was also happily surprised to see that the blankets we got from Ikea for the sofas Trattviva, exist in almost exactly the same colours as our sofa units. Maybe this is a new trend? We now have a sofa with mixed colours- in beige and light blue! I quite like it! I recommend! Mix and match and make it yours!

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