Thursday before Christmas! Life is great!

I doubt there will be a white Christmas here this year. It’s quite warm and raining. I much prefer colder weather and snow!

Very much looking forward to this weekend with family, food and walks outside. Family quality time. That’s what I enjoy the most about this time of year. I’m planning for what my 2019 ideally should look like. I’ve mentioned before- more health and a lot less stress! There are so many things you can do to get more resilient to life. By that I mean that most of us experience stress, tough situations privately and at work, family downs, friends downs and general worries. I’ve personally learned a lot this year- about myself and great tools to turn to in these situations. Because there are a lot out there. Trust me! Also don’t forget how important YOU are in these situations. We can’t control certain situations but we most definitely can control HOW we react to them.

It’s now over 6 months since I’ve been writing here. I am so grateful for you who read and take the time to comment! More challenges and recommendations will appear here! Trust me on that! I truly, truly recommend. Everything counts to make sure we feel as best as we can in every situation: the easy ones AND the tough ones!!! Have an amazing Thursday!!!

Difference in cultures

Having lived and spent time in a few different countries in my life and worked in international environments, I find it interesting to observe the differences. As with most things, I see good and bad in all of them. No place is perfect! It’s what you find acceptable.

  • Crossing the road
  • In the U.K., cars stop when you stand in front of a crossing to let you pass. In Denmark, that is not the case. Not even when you walk with children. I find that strange?
    • Customer Services
  • In the USA and in the U.K., in most places you are greeted and well looked after. In Denmark, customer services is different. Often you have to ask waiters for their attention. Mind however that tipping is different. In the USA this can range up to 20%, in the U.K. 10-15% but in Denmark, this is very little if anything, so to some extent that makes sense.
    • Friendship
  • This is of course very subjective- as with everything I’ve written here- but it is quite tricky to make friends with Danish people. They are quite reserved and protective. If on the other hand you make friends with a Dane… my guess is that that friendship would last a lifetime!
  • These are just mere personal observations on my part. I fully realise that you cannot compare all to all and that this is a matter of personal opinion. Have you lived elsewhere or travelled and also noticed differences? It’s fascinating and to some extent you have to embrace the culture where you move to. Not everything of course, but I think it is important that you are flexible and adaptable!
  • Differences in culture is something I like to embrace… I recommend!
  • London at its best and the Goring!

    A weekend in London at this time of year is very festive and will definitely put you in Christmas spirit if you weren’t before.

    This weekend has been full of friends and travelling to and from! The distance can be quite long at times. But… it’s all worth it. We’ve also visited one of our favourite places Yo! Sushi and did Christmas shopping in Westfield’s. It’s nice with shopping malls as if you have lists and know what to get… you can achieve a lot in a short amount of time. I set a record as well walking 15,000 steps that day! I guess all good in preparation for my half marathon next year. That is just the beginning of that!

    Then one evening we were treated to a spectacular dinner out. More precisely at The Goring. It’s a family owned luxury hotel. We had an amazing dinner with true British dishes such as Beef Wellington and delicious cheddar cheeses. Suffice to say… that I’m actually starting to look forward to a lighter sportier 2019! But for now… it’s all about enjoying good times with family and friends! I truly truly… recommend!

    Happy very Friday!

    If you have followed what I write for a while… you know what’s coming next. It’s… Friday! We get to experience yet another amazing day!

    Today on the agenda is Christmas shopping in London. I hope to get it all done today. I have my list and I know exactly where to go. Are you done? Have you started? Do you know what to get? Whatever you do today, take it all in, observe your surroundings and enjoy every minute of every day! Make the most of it! I truly, truly recommend!!!

    One day at a time!

    Busy times ahead mean fewer updates for me right now. One set of visitors completed. Next up is a trip back to London. And in between is work, Christmas preparations, several birthdays and life in general! I love it though and wouldn’t have it much different except for a few additional days here and there doing absolutely nothing!

    So for now, one day at a time and fewer updates from me!

    Stop overthinking!

  • Do you tend to overthink? Do you create situations in your mind based on what someone has said? If you think about that- isn’t that a bit strange? Perhaps even self fulfilling to some extent. Because if you start to believe something, you start acting and reacting as if it were true. And all because someone else has said something, or might have said something. As I’ve mentioned before, our minds are very powerful. What can you do to get out of this kind of thinking though?
    • Exercise- go for a power walk or a run. Clear your mind. You will feel so much better for it after. Even just for 30 minutes. Nothing fancy or complicated.
      Yoga. Do a session with Adriene. She truly has a session for most things: stress, stretch, breathing, neck, shoulders, cleanse, detox. Go in and take a look!
      Eat well. By that I mean allow yourself to eat and enjoy. Take your time and chew slowly. Cook a delicious meal. Cooking can also be very relaxing!
      Sign up to a challenge and set a goal. That will give you something else for you to focus on. A new course, a new sport, an art course, or why not learn a language!
      Read books. I love my iPhone… but I do know that I should use it less and read more books.
      Watch a great classic movie: Casablanca or I’m singing in the rain. Reminisce and imagine what the world looked like back then. Maybe it’ll give you a different perspective on life?!
  • Those are a few things I can think of to stop creating problems and worries out of something someone else said. You create your reality. Don’t forget that! I truly recommend.