Challenge Day 1- Yoga with Adriene

So now I have just done the first session of my 7 day challenge. Adriene is truly a great teacher and now has more than 3M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is from Texas, Austin if I remember correctly. She is a true inspiration. I’d really recommend her Yoga classes. Anywhere, anytime. Yoga withContinue reading “Challenge Day 1- Yoga with Adriene”

Norwegian flights London-Copenhagen

Since moving to Copenhagen early this year, I’ve frequently used Norwegian. It’s a pretty ok airline. When their App is working and you can check in on line- it’s good. You can find very reasonable flights here- especially the route I’m using a lot London- Copenhagen. I also like the fact that you can checkContinue reading “Norwegian flights London-Copenhagen”

Change and challenges- come on and join me!

So, as with a lot of people I would like to be a bit healthier and focus more on strengthening myself in different ways. This year for me has been full of changes. I know I’m blessed but a lot of changes in one go is a big challenge. That is why I have usedContinue reading “Change and challenges- come on and join me!”