Cool beach look from a range of stores John Lewis and Reiss

Summer time is here and has been for a while now. Very unexpected for Copenhagen- and other places in the world too. I do quite like red and black together. Especially with a darker tan. I love Birkenstock shoes. I usually pick black ones. Maybe this summer- I should go for red?! Why not? AgainContinue reading “Cool beach look from a range of stores John Lewis and Reiss”

Home baked bread- easy to make I recommend

Ok so it turned out very nice! It needed more baking time so I added it back in the oven for an additional 20 minutes: Ingredients: .5 tsp salt 2 tsp baking powder .5 cup sugar 1.5 cups cups milk or alternative 1 tsp butter 2 eggs 1.5 tsp vinegar or apple cider (I thinkContinue reading “Home baked bread- easy to make I recommend”

Panasonic Breadmaker I recommend

I’m guilty of buying new things that I use a couple of times then they end up getting dustier and dustier and eventually end up in a cupboard. One of these “things” is a bread maker. I bought it a couple of years ago when I was feeling inspired- and used it three times probably.Continue reading “Panasonic Breadmaker I recommend”