Spotify- an admirer and I truly recommend

So today I have a lot of admin to do at home and fun things such as cleaning… I really love Spotify and am impressed with how they’ve become so big. So that’s what I’m listening to whilst doing these things. If they’re profitable or not yet I’m not sure. But what a brand andContinue reading “Spotify- an admirer and I truly recommend”

Challenge Day 4- Yoga with Adriene

I just completed the “Feel Good Flow” with Adriene. Just what I needed this morning. I can’t recommend her yoga sessions enough. There is something for everyone here. You most definitely do not have to be a yoga guru to do these- and you can do them at home on a mat. So perfect forContinue reading “Challenge Day 4- Yoga with Adriene”

Personal emails to your inbox- Finimize recommend

I do read a lot and have signed up to a lot of information. I also think it is good to sign up to newsletters and shop information when you move to a new country. For me that’s one way to settle in and to get familiar with your new country. I’m sure you receivedContinue reading “Personal emails to your inbox- Finimize recommend”

Boozt- new App for me that I recommend

This is a blog with recommendations and that in a lot of different subjects. Right now I am checking out different shops, online tools etc. I do like to make things a little bit easier for myself at times. Here in Denmark and in Sweden I have noticed Boozt, which have a lot of brands.Continue reading “Boozt- new App for me that I recommend”