Yoga when you’re unwell: Adriene

So February is a month when many people get sick in the Nordics. And I’m aware of the virus that’s circulating right now too in many places…

Though if you have a cold, feeling unwell and a bit lethargic I recommend one of Adriene’s yoga sessions. Adriene- yoga when you’re not well. It’s very gentle and leaves you with a bit of energy after. I really… recommend!


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11 thoughts on “Yoga when you’re unwell: Adriene

    1. Changing the exercise so you can sit on a dining chair and do it that way, if cushion or block not suitable. It’s something I learnt when doing Pilates, as for a short time of so many months, there were certain positions I wasn’t allowed to do. So certainly Yoga can be adapted for the chair too and as already mentioned, to listen to your body and do what you can do.

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      1. I started off doing yoga for about a year, then I went onto pilates. Both relaxing and goid for you. Ignore photis of those legs bent so feet touch thighs when crossed. Even I can’t sit like that. But I am more flexible from doing than before. Pilates I find is more me, after doing for some years. Somehow, I remember moves and positions better.

        I also like tai chi. Not been to class for that. Just followed dvds.


      2. You’re welcome. I first came across tai chi in my teens when up late one night flucking channels. I seen some man standing still and with not knowing at the time straight away it was tai chi, I was wondering what the heck he was doing. I was intrigued and watched and when I realiaed what it was, I stayed up late each week for it and joined in a bit. One day he was no longer on.
        Fast forward to a few years ago, I decided to get back into it and I first watched sine online, till I found a prrference and bought a few if his dvd’s. 😊


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