Rudeness- it’s just not nice…

I think we’ve all been there- maybe even on both sides? Have you ever been rude to someone? Or have you maybe even been on the receiving end of rudeness? It’s just not nice, is it? I’ve been in situations when people have been rude to me on different occasions. A lot of times in the workplace. How do you handle that? I do tend to take it personally but really, it does say something more about the other person who is being rude to you than about you. Some advice on how to handle these type of situations are to:

  • Take deep breathes when it’s happening
  • Do not take it personally at all- really. You might feel attacked and scrutinised but really, don’t. It is easier said than done though- trust me on that. But you will feel so much better understanding this kind of behaviour really is not about you at all- it’s about the other person
  • Maybe find out why this person is rude, maybe they’ve had a bad day, is under pressure or just not feeling well
  • Be objective- keep it at distance
  • Don’t think about it for long- at all! Leave it where it is (unless of course it’s on the border of abusiveness of course) but otherwise, stop giving it attention
  • Maybe even reach out to the person to find a middle way?
  • Some people are just rude- accept that- it’s part of their character. Not a nice trait by any mean but you can change the way you behave towards such a person- and again do not take it personal!

I think personally it’s so important to find middle ways, compromise, to be polite and honest. It is difficult to accept rudeness- so my advice as well is to think two times before you are the person being rude to someone- it really can spoil someone’s day… so go out there, be nice and open minded! I so… recommend! Have a great day!

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Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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