Vintage shopping and sustainability

The threat to the environment is getting quite a lot of focus. This is clearly something that hits a nerve with some people. Are we at a stage where we really need to take action now? It is a difficult concept to grasp- at least for some and you could end up in many debates of the state of the environment today. I’m personally thinking of changing what I do today a little. I do think that each and every one of us can make a difference… I’m also inspired by another lady who blogs and who writes a lot about sustainability Tess Montgomery . For almost a year now, she’s bought one item a month to her wardrobe as a statement piece. I do find that inspiring. So much, that I’m going to clear out unworn items in my wardrobe and donate to the nearest charity. Just to make sure I won’t miss any items, I will pack clothes and shoes in bags and leave them in our basement for 2 months- then set a date in my calendar when they will be shipped off.

Another thing I will do is to explore vintage shops here in Copenhagen. In my experience I’ve honestly never been a big fan of buying used items BUT I really think that today these kind of shops have changed. So definitely something to explore. Instead of thinking “second hand” think “vintage” and “sustainability”. I will really make a go if this in 2020… clean wardrobes, less things, more vintage and sustainability… are you with me? I so… recommend!!!

Photo: Pexels

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