This week’s challenge!

So summer here at least (and for me!) is over. Routine and normality is back!

I really believe it’s never too late. And also to never give up! Life is about challenging yourself. It is about overcoming obstacles. Life is about so many things! It really is great though most of the time. A dance on roses? It can be- if you decide. And really- why wouldn’t we? I’ve mentioned on different occasions how powerful our mind is. It is also something I’ve personally experienced- and experience still. Of course if you really want something in life- it usually doesn’t come for free- you have to work for it. Most of us anyway. This autumn I will take up challenges regularly. I did the same when I just started blogging. I really love inspiring (including myself) I find that writing down and sharing helps my motivation! So…. ta da… they will start again- the regular challenges- from exercise, to look after yourself, to look after your loved ones, to reading, to writing postcards to family and friends to reduce or even better- stop using plastic and many more. I believe if we all chose to do something… it will for sure make a difference.

This week’s challenge is to get up 30 minutes earlier every day- remember it’s only 7 days that we are talking about- and invest in you! You could go for a power walk, a jog or a run, do a yoga session at home, pick a YouTube work out video or even decide to mediate first thing in the morning. That is what I will do and I would love it if you’d join me! When getting older, being healthy is important- from the inside to the outside. Look after yourself! I so recommend!!! Come on you can all do it…!

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Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

10 thoughts on “This week’s challenge!

  1. I’m in for your challenge getting up 30 min earlier to be active in body & mind – I will journal- do my YouTube Yoga with Adrienne and my cardio YouTube with Heather Robertson – thanks and happy beginnings for all of us ❤️🙏

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