Thursday inspiration!

Today is Thursday. Here in Denmark is a holiday day tomorrow, so for me it’s like a Friday. A long weekend with family and friends. Sometimes we forget what we have and how good things really are. To enjoy the now. Do you tend to be stuck in the past? Or worry about the future? It can be a challenge. I’m finding it more and more important to accept what’s in the past is there to stay. And you would not be where you are today without it. Learn to let go and focus more on the now. Enjoy the early morning, your coffee or tea. Savour it. Make the most of your trip into work or wherever you are going first thing in the day. Observe, take deep breathes. Life still is pretty amazing. Smile to other people. Smile from within. That generates strong energy around you and there is no doubt that it’s contagious. Love life even. Even in those hard and tough moments when it feels as if so much is working against you. Let the past be gone, love the now and look forward to your future! I so recommend. Have an amazing Thursday!!!

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Convinced itโ€™s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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