Quintessential British- Afternoon Tea!

There are a few things I actually think you should do if you ever visit the UK. One of them is an Afternoon Tea. There are so many choices in London, I actually cannot recommend one in particular.

Afternoon Tea- history

It’s actually a relatively new concept originating from 1840. A Duchess started to get hungry in the late afternoon and asked for a tray of sandwiches. She then started to invite friends over to join her. It then became popular amongst the upper class around 1880.

A traditional Afternoon Tea consists of small sandwiches with different fillings, scones with clotted cream and jam followed by pastries. Then this is of course served with a selection of great teas. If you want some more extravaganza, usually you can also select a cold glass of champagne to accompany this. It is a lovely event to experience. I’d definitely recommend this. It usually takes place in beautiful settings with beautiful music playing in the background- we had a pianist playing, which added to the experience.

If you are ever in the UK and want to treat yourself to some luxury, I would most definitely recommend that you try this out! Do some online research before to find good deals and good recommendations on where to go as this changes year to year! Don’t always go for the most obvious one… I hope you enjoy!

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