Stop overthinking!

  • Do you tend to overthink? Do you create situations in your mind based on what someone has said? If you think about that- isn’t that a bit strange? Perhaps even self fulfilling to some extent. Because if you start to believe something, you start acting and reacting as if it were true. And all because someone else has said something, or might have said something. As I’ve mentioned before, our minds are very powerful. What can you do to get out of this kind of thinking though?
    • Exercise- go for a power walk or a run. Clear your mind. You will feel so much better for it after. Even just for 30 minutes. Nothing fancy or complicated.
      Yoga. Do a session with Adriene. She truly has a session for most things: stress, stretch, breathing, neck, shoulders, cleanse, detox. Go in and take a look!
      Eat well. By that I mean allow yourself to eat and enjoy. Take your time and chew slowly. Cook a delicious meal. Cooking can also be very relaxing!
      Sign up to a challenge and set a goal. That will give you something else for you to focus on. A new course, a new sport, an art course, or why not learn a language!
      Read books. I love my iPhone… but I do know that I should use it less and read more books.
      Watch a great classic movie: Casablanca or I’m singing in the rain. Reminisce and imagine what the world looked like back then. Maybe it’ll give you a different perspective on life?!
  • Those are a few things I can think of to stop creating problems and worries out of something someone else said. You create your reality. Don’t forget that! I truly recommend.
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    Convinced it’s the small things in life that we need to focus on to ensure we live a happy life. Love sharing experiences and recommendations and starting to understand that positivity is very contagious!

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