Best cities to visit in 2019

Today I wanted to share with you the best cities to visit in 2019. Bear in mind that any kind of list like this is of course subjective depending on who has written it and where they live- and most likely other factors too. Nevertheless, according to Lonely Planet the first city is:

  1. Copenhagen. This surprised me. Not that I don’t like it here, but that it’s the first on the list of cities to visit in 2019 did. It is a great city which has a lot to offer and to see. Visit Copenhagen here you can read more about this city!
  2. Shenzhen in China is the next city that the Lonely Planet recommends. It’s also called “Silicon Valley” of China. Seems to have quite a bit of culture as well to see and explore.
  3. The next city is in Serbia called Novi Sad. I have visited Croatia and can recommend this area. It’s beautiful!
  4. Then follows Miami in the USA. I have to admit that I am a little bit tempted to go and visit. Anyone been here?
  5. Then we have a city which sounds rather interesting in Nepal- Kathmandu. I’m sure that would be quite an adventurous journey to do!
  6. Next is Mexico- Mexico City. I’ve been to Mexico a few times and always had a good time. Nice food and a lot to explore.
  7. The next city is in Africa- in Senegal and the city that the Lonely Planet recommends is Dakar. I really love the fact that the list of cities is so diverse! If you’d visit them all in 2019 it would be a bit like doing a world trip?!
  8. Next is Seattle in the USA. I’ve been here but that was a few years ago. I recall going to Starbucks!
  9. Then on the list we actually have Croatia; Zadar. As I’ve said earlier, this is truly a great place to visit! Beautiful landscape and very blue sea.
  10. The last city is in Morocco called Meknes. I imagine this to be full of things to see with lots of exotic smells from a myriad of warm spices.
  • As with all of these lists, of course they are subjective. I do like that this list seems to be quite diverse. Do you have any travel plans for next year? Do you have a travel list with places that you’d love to visit?
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