Challenge Day 5- Smoothie challenge is great!

A relatively easy one but with a twist! 1 cup of apple juice 4 dried apricots- chopped 2 dates- chopped 1 cup of natural yogurt Add the juice, the fruit followed by the yogurt and then blend and enjoy! And feel great about what you’re doing. Today is also Friday, so not long to goContinue reading “Challenge Day 5- Smoothie challenge is great!”

Challenge Day 4- No smoothie as time ran out preparing children for school

Ok so today was just one of those days when things don’t work out according to plan. No smoothie for me! It was preparing my daughter, making her breakfast, ensuring she made it to her “fritids” and walking slowly as she has a little splinter in her foot. But you know what. That’s absolutely fine.Continue reading “Challenge Day 4- No smoothie as time ran out preparing children for school”

Make-up Laura Mercier for a quick morning fix!

I like make up. There are so many brands available and new products are coming out in the market regularly. Right now I look for items that are multi- use and quick- as I need to be fast in the mornings. Last year I fell in love with Laura Mercier. Unfortunately these products don’t seemContinue reading “Make-up Laura Mercier for a quick morning fix!”

iPhones and to be present society has changed

Observing on my train journey how 80% of people in my carriage are using their iPhone or Androids, makes me think. What did we do before these gadgets? I remember my first Nokia mobile phone. It was the size of a brick! I still have it. Most likely a collector item today. I think theContinue reading “iPhones and to be present society has changed”