Prepare for Christmas- lists and beat Black Friday!

Christmas is approaching and it’s approaching fast. To make this period more fun and less stressful I recommend creating lists. You can use different lists and download them on your phone or iPad for example. You can of course also use the good old pen and paper. You can set a budget and start listing who you need to buy what for and how much you are willing to spend.

I’ve downloaded a few and will most likely use the “Manage Christmas list”. It seems to be one of the more straightforward ones.

I also recommend that you start saving down items in wish lists. Some shops that I use and like, such as John Lewis you can create different type of lists and name them after people or groups. In Amazon you can do the same.

If you start this already, I can promise you that you will feel a lot more prepared when Christmas arrives. Because one thing for certain is, it’ll be here before we know it! You can also use these lists and buy gifts in advance on Black Friday. Black Friday is on November 23 this year. And why not take advantage of it by saving down favourites in various shops online and buy things when they are cheaper?! If you’re ready to just hit buy online you also beat the crowds. Unless you enjoy the busyness that day! Personally, I will try and get most things online this year. Hopefully that will be possible here in Denmark but I already know that I miss shops here that I’m used to in the USA and in the U.K.! I recommend however to fully enjoy this countdown period now to Christmas… 48 days left and counting…!

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6 thoughts on “Prepare for Christmas- lists and beat Black Friday!

  1. Every year I advocate buying some individual business rather than multi millions. But when it comes down to it there’s simplicity in the big companies so I take the easy option. Maybe with a bit more planning I’d be able to support the small local self employed.

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    1. That is a list with a lot of great gifts! What I have done is that I’ve created wish lists at the likes of Amazon. Then supposedly some of the items might be cheaper this week- Friday in particular. I’ve also saved in my favourites on IE to check the price regularly. There are also price check apps and websites available where you can monitor prices. It might not be all that cheaper but if it is I really recommend to store, save and create wish lists and then buy as it gets cheaper. To be organised, prepared and also to save some £€$!!! πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ» thank you very much for your comment.

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