Bretagne- France travel tips!

There are many beautiful spots to visit in France. An area that I’m quite fond of is Bretagne, situated in the North West. It’s a more rustic part of France with a spectacular landscape and nice food.

It goes out quite wide into the Atlantic Ocean- and the water isn’t always very warm. If you want to, you can try windsurfing and surfing here. They offer sessions for beginners here in certain areas. You can also go horse riding if you like that. It’s also a perfect area to go for walks and smaller hikes. Though beware of the coastline at times as it can be quite steep. We’ve been here on several occasions by their beaches enjoying some spectacular home prepared lunches of seafood, fresh bread home made aioli and fresh vegetables from the markets in the area. At one point, I was also offered pasta made with newly picked sea gherkins?! Maybe not my favourite dish! If you go here you also have to sample galette and the cider. It’s definitely an area worth visiting if you are in France! I recommend.


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  1. I agree! We have spent a few months housesitting in the Northern parts of France. So very different from the touristy parts of Southern France, in a good way!

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